My written opinions

Writing about politics and making my case for fundamental change is a passion. I’ve been able to share my thoughts nationally, through 200-300 columns published in Macleans, Toronto Star, many Postmedia papers, Global News, Huffington Post, The Tyee and others. I write from a bluntly social democratic perspective — expressing a unique viewpoint in mainstream Canadian media.

Proportional representation and democratic reform

Proportional representation can help bring back responsible government

On electoral reform, Trudeau didn’t just break a promise — he lied

Electoral reform debate needs to be based on facts


Trudeau’s confused reconciliation agenda

Trudeau’s harsh test of First Nations health services

Peacekeeping and military abroad

Sajjan’s lies renew questions about Afghan torture

Trudeau’s peacekeeping plan turns its back on violence

Housing markets

Hunger for substance could nix BC’s ‘mirage’ home buyer plan

Protecting refugees

All this ‘illegal’ border talks is just dog-whistle politics

US under Trump in no longer safe third country

Carbon pricing and climate change

Political gesturing on carbon pricing could cost Canadians billions

Conservatives are riding a backlash against Liberal carbon pricing — the NDP can fix it

Liberals stalled for a year — climate change didn’t

Fair taxes

Bill to start unrigging tax haven laws needs Canadians’ support

To restore middle class progress, try a tax system that doesn’t stink like hell

Fighting for good jobs

For Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford, it’s time to fight

Workers must be at the centre of shaping Canada’s “Green New Deal”

Workers’ rights

What has and has not changed in workplace safety

Workplace harassment can be prevented, but C-65 isn’t enough

The Liberal’s disregard for workers’ rights


Blame-throwers fired up in wake of pipeline fiasco

Trudeau’s pipeline may be sinking — with a boat-load of public cash in it

NAFTA and trade

We survived Trump’s intimidation, but let’s not call it a win for Canada

Canada’s challenge is to be a nation of both trade and manufacturing

To beat Trump’s concessions, Canadians must consider NAFTA-exit

P3s and Infrastructure privatization

Infrastructure Bank’s ‘face-saving’ deal hides Liberal infrastructure delays

The not-shocking truth about Morneau’s pension and infrastructure plans

Without any mandate, Trudeau pushes privatization

Liberals’ bait-and-switch on infrastrucutre

Trudeau’s broken infrastructure promise has hurt jobs and growth

Opposition sharpens attack on ‘reverse Robin Hood’ Infrastructure Bank

Deficit not funding much infrastructure after all


We don’t have pharmacare for one reason — greed

Pension protection

Morneau Shepell, Sears and more — they’ve all forgotten about the little guy

Morneau sides with shareholders, not Canadian workers

Gun control

Fewer guns is a safer Canada

Tax cuts for the rich, austerity for everyone else

Provincial spending cuts will take Ontario from bad to worse

Ford and Kenney will cut for the rich

Almost everywhere, conservatives have become the part of fiscal recklessness

Morneau scandal shows middle class was never Liberals’ top concern

The Liberals need to offer some government for the people

Federalism and social democracy

Workers must be at the centre of shaping Canada’s ‘Green New Deal’

What Canada needs now is another Tommy Douglas

Jason Kenney’s populist snake oil

Minimum wage

On minimum wage, low-wage advocates have been so wrong for too long

If Denmark has no minimum wage, should Canada follow suit?

Monopolies may have an evil twin who’s stealing your paycheque

Freedom of expression

On freedom of speech, the alt-right has it all wrong


As child-care costs rise, some provinces push back on economic sexism