Tom Parkin for Parkdale-High Park

People are counting on us to win — and fight for them

Winning in Parkdale-High Park is personal to me. Sheena and I first lived together here. We’ve have raised our three daughters in this community’s schools, pools and parks. I’ve coached soccer here. And been involved in our residents’ association.

And we’ve helped in every election — because having an MP fighting for my community matters. This place has meaning to me – and I want Parkdale-High Park to have meaning on the national agenda of Canada again.

Julia is a strong social democrat and active NDP member in Dovercourt and friend.
I met Ethel Lavally when I was working for OPSEU on the Walkerton Inquiry, fighting against water privatization. Ethel was the secretary-treasurer of the OFL and an OPSEU activist.
Don Davis is the NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway and the NDP Health Critic has been leading the fight for a national, universal pharmacare plan
Dhruv is a union activist, a social democrat, a Toronto advocate. We share an openness to debate on the left as we all search for the best way forward.
Veera is a long time social democrat and Junction resident who’s been a consistent working in NDP campaigns to elect great representatives like Peggy Nash.
Wayne is a former president of the OFL and the board chair of the Workers Health and Safety Centre.
Emmett is a young activist concerned about climate change and growing inequality.
Ken Neumann is a non-stop, full-time fighter for working people — for those who are union members and those who are not.
Sine, a professional communications and policy analyst, is a life-long social democrat and a Bloor West resident.
Peter, honoured for your support. I hope members of our Parkdale-High Park NDP Association give me their trust so I can fight alongside you.
Dragana is a friend and neighbour who has a strong political concern about environmental destruction and climate change.
Scott has been an amazing advocate for Sears workers and others who are losing their savings because of immoral bankruptcy laws. Liberals and Conservatives don’t give a damn.
Cindy is a long-time Bloor West resident who represents the best in public service values — helping kids get a strong start in education and life. Public service values matter!
Fred is a housing policy expert — I value his analysis and insight. He is also a strong social democrat and long-time Parkdale-High Park resident.
Andrew is a senior fellow with the Broadbent Institute and former economist for the Canadian Labour Congress.
Anila is my long-time friend, passionate environmentalist and communications advisor. Our kids grew up together and we’ve all shared a lot of laughs together. Thank you Anila!
Kristen is a long-time Parkdale-High Park resident — in various parts of the riding — a great friend and a strong defender of public services. Thank you for your support!
Jamie has been deeply involved in our community as the president of the Bloor West Village Resident’s Association.
Kassandra, who lives in High Park, is a strong supporter of workers’ rights and a better future for us all. Proud to have her support!
Helen is a strong social democrat and long-time Parkdale-High Park resident, active environmentalist and, with Safe Rail Communities, fights to protect our neighbourhoods from dangerous rail shipments.
Scott and his wife, Zoe, have raised three children in Parkdale-High Park and have lived is several neighbourhoods of this riding. Scott’s a great friend and a strong community person.
Brad is a Parkdale Roncy Village resident who worked as Jack Layton’s communications director in his historic 2011 election. Brad later wrote a book “Building the Orange Wave.”
Bill is a strong social democrat and human rights lawyer. Fighting to protect people’s human rights matters. People are counting on us to fight and win for them.
Paul is a teacher and principal — and was Parkdale-High Park federal NDP candidate twice in the late 1990s. I managed his 1997 campaign — Paul is relentless!
My neighbour and friend Zoe has an extremely important job — teaching children. Like me, Zoe is a long-time social democrat and a long-time resident of Parkdale-High Park.
Marla is a fighter for people because what we’re trying to achieve matters for people.
Tyra, a resident of Bloor West, knows it is always out fight to promote public education — it’s been one of the greatest improvements of the last century, and Doug Ford is rolling it back.
George, who lives in Roncy, has built a strong paralegal practice, here in Parkdale-High Park, on strong values of fighting for our neighbours.
Laura has worked on NDP campaigns her entire life. She’s seen what wins and why it’s important. Thank you for your support Laura!
Dave is an excellent health and safety instructor and union activist. Dave and I know health and safety activists don’t wait — because unsafe and unhealthy workplace conditions don’t.
Monique is a proud New Democrat and Parkdalian. From my 25+ years living here, and working every NDP campaign, I know the neighbourhoods of Parkdale-High Park.
Dan is a life-long New Democrat, strong labour person and long-time Bloor West resident. Dan knows what we are trying to do is never easy — and people are counting on us.
Chris knows the job of being an MP. It’s not about glamour and celebrity — or shouldn’t be. It’s a hard slog, especially when you’re NDP, because the changes we fight for matters to people.
Ian has has played an important role in fighting off TTC privatization and cuts from Queen’s Park. Public service values matter — and I am proud to defend them.
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