Tom Parkin for Parkdale-High Park

People are counting on us to win — and fight for them

Whenever I see an apartment tower, I think of the stories of people I can’t forget. On December 24th, 2009, Fayzullo Fazilov, Alexsandrs Bondarevs, Vladimir Korostin and Aleksey Blumberg were fixing concrete on the outside of an apartment tower. The suspended scaffold they were working from split – they died from a 13-story fall. The swingstage they …

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I know how we win here — it’s what I’ve learned living in Parkdale-High Park almost all my adult life, working every NDP campaign, canvassing thousands of doors. It’s what I’ve learned in the labour movement, building campaigns to stop privatization and improve health and safety laws. We win when we talk with people about …

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