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NEW — Sat Apr 6 On SNC, Trudeau needs to admit to wrong to set our constitution right

Thu Apr 4 Wilson-Raybould demanded nothing for herself — only to protect our constitutional rights

Tue Mar 19 Liberal MPs covering up the SNC-Lavalin cover-up a disgraceful act against Canadians

Mon Mar 18 With Wernick and McLelland, partisanship is the Liberal curse

Mon Mar 18 The Joyce Murray cabinet shuffle: please report without comment

Wed Mar 13 Butts’ testimony: paper-thin excuses that didn’t refute serious allegations of political interference

Tue Mar 6 Liberal signals suggest Butts’ testimony will hurt PM more

Wed Feb 6 On Venezuela, it’s Chrystia Freeland who’s out of step with allies – or in step with the wrong people

Sun Jan 19 PMO rewards McKenna’s mandate failure even as Wilson-Raybould demotion

Sat Jan 18 Finally unpinned from PMO byelection tactics, this may have been Singh’s rebound week

Mon Jan 14
1) Wilson-Raybould issues demotion letter, says she spoke truth to power, gives no thanks to Trudeay
2) Trudeau cabinet shuffle takes Ministers out of protect and court examination line of fire

Fri Jan 11
Is the Canadian left so weak it goes ga-ga when our PM says what should be expected?

Wed Jan 9
The byelection is on — and hopefully soon Trudeau will face the tough questions

Sun Jan 6
After months of messing with Singh, Trudeau adds to byelection delay — and inaction on the cost of everyday life

Thu Dec 21
Fake progressive, fake populists — can’t the elite just get along?

Mon Dec 15, 2018
Ford’s anti-worker legislation a reminder of Wynne’s political games at the expense of York students and workers

Wed Dec 6, 2018
Auditor-General’s report on Metrolinx a terrible reminder of Wynne’s political interference in transit planning

Sat Dec 1, 2018
If Liberal Whip Mark Holland was as sloppy on votes as resignations, long ago the government would have fallen

Tue Nov 27, 2018
For Di Iorio, Trudeau’s byelection games have a very convenient timeline

Mon Nov 26, 2018
Grewal’s “medical” resignation: we’ve seen this before, there’s more to the story

Sat Nov 24, 2018
The strange timeline of Raj Grewal, police investigation and the PMO

Wed Nov 21, 2018
Air comes out of lobby group attempt to justify lower wages after less than a day.

Tue Nov 20, 2018
Trudeau’s games of infinite delay don’t hurt him. They should.

Sun Nov 18, 2018
We’ve had bad and worse. How do we build something completely different?

Fri Sep 21, 2018
Another bad poll for Scheer. But what’s the matter with Singh’s NDP?

Mon Sep 17, 2018
Loss of Conservative seats could give Trudeau a free ride. Or open the door to a different challenge.

Thu Sep 13, 2018
Amid the giants, it’s time for a bigger media platform for independent voices

Mon Jul 30, 2018
What Toronto learned this week: John Tory’s white flag gave Doug Ford the green light.

Sun Jul 29, 2018
The whisperers are stealing your cookies

Tue Jul 25, 2018
Authoritarian populism is here. We need a plan.

Tue Jul 17, 2018
Toronto is growing but transit isn’t. Progressives need to fix it. No one else will.

Wed Jul 11, 2018
Tossed out of Queen’s Park, some Liberals plan to crush progressive hope at city hall

Mon Jul 9, 2018
Canadian media keeps pushing Trump’s wrong, anti-immigrant framing

Thu Jul 5, 2018
Ontario’s ugly, Ford-made fiscal crisis

Wed Jul 4, 2018
Government from the back rooms for unnamed special interests?