Tom Parkin for Parkdale-High Park

People are counting on us to win — and fight for them

This election couldn’t be more important.

The Liberals have disappointed us on electoral reform. Climate change. Housing. Transit. On people’s urgent needs. Justin Trudeau put people on hold so he could take the call of SNC and Big Pharma — but people’s urgent needs didn’t go away.

People in Parkdale-High Park are counting on the New Democrats to win and fight for them. Because what we fight for matters in people’s lives.

But winning here is never easy.

People are counting on us to win — and fight for them. It matters.

I know how to beat Liberals in Parkdale-High Park. It’s what I’ve learned living here almost all my adult life and working on campaigns for Peggy Nash, Bhutila Karpoche, Cheri DiNovo, David Miller, Paul Schmidt and others.

A winning campaign talks with people about what matters to them. Knows the issues. Comes from the community. Builds strength in every neighbourhood.

That’s what my campaign is all about. Join me. It matters.

Together, let’s build the Canada of our dreams — starting here in Parkdale-High Park.

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