Tom Parkin for Parkdale-High Park

People are counting on us to win — and fight for them

Public services combat inequality — and I’ve always fought for them.

In the 1990s the Conservative government wanted to upload TTC’s Wheel-Trans and privatize it – sound familiar? Because to those guys, nothing’s ever worth anything unless someone can profit off it.

I was hired as the Amalgamated Transit Union Canada’s research director to fight transit privatization – especially at TTC’s WheelTrans.

From talking with WheelTrans passengers, I saw how much the service mattered to them. And I also saw there was a close relationship between WheelTrans drivers and passengers.

Drivers often worked with the same passengers everyday, getting them to work and back. Our campaign kept WheelTrans drivers informed about the government wanted to do. And we encouraged them to talk with passengers about it – bus drivers can be a very chatty group!

The government backtracked. I think the privatization was stopped because that service really mattered to it’s passengers. And the government didn’t want every WheelTrans bus getting booked for a ride to a Queen’s Park demonstration!

I’m Tom Parkin, nominee to be your NDP candidate in Parkdale-High Park. Public services are an important equalizer in an increasingly unequal Canada.

I’m proud of public service values. They’re NDP values. They’re Parkdale-High Park values. Let’s expand public services — not cut them. Let’s bring people together — not divide them. Let’s fight for workers and our environment — not let inequality spiral out of control and carbon emissions rise.

Those are the values New Democrats in Parkdale-High Park stand for. Join me and together, let’s make the Canada we want.

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