Tom Parkin for Parkdale-High Park

People are counting on us to win — and fight for them

Inaction matters to people. It sure mattered to Lori Dupont.

Lori Dupont worked as a nurse at a Windsor hospital; her ex-boyfriend was a doctor there. And in their workplace he stalked her, harassed her, hit her and made violent comments at her. When Lori’s friends told administration, it was “Lori is an adult and can look after herself”

One day, her ex-boyfriend came to work with a knife and killed Lori Dupont – in the workplace.

Lori’s death was terrible enough. But we were all outraged when the hospital said it had no legal duty to prevent the workplace harassment that turned to violence. And many employers kept saying harassment and violence on the job wasn’t their problem.

The labour movement and the Workers Centre campaigned for urgent change.

That campaign grew. People in all sorts of worker — nurses, teachers, transit drivers, retail workers — said harassment and violence isn’t in their job description.

But Liberals preferred taking about themselves — rather than taking action on harassment and violence at work. It took the Liberals five years after Lori’s killing to table a bill of half-measures.

I’m done with waiting for the next Lori Dupont. I’m not waiting for weak action anymore – I’m taking my own action.

People’s problems are urgent – insecure housing, no drug plan, low wages, unaffordable childcare, climate change.

We win in Parkdale-High Park by talking to people about what matters to them — that’s what I’ve done in our riding, the labour movement – in columns and commentary.

People’s urgent needs don’t wait for Liberals. Nor do I.

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