Tom Parkin for Parkdale-High Park

People are counting on us to win — and fight for them

I know how we win here — it’s what I’ve learned living in Parkdale-High Park almost all my adult life, working every NDP campaign, canvassing thousands of doors. It’s what I’ve learned in the labour movement, building campaigns to stop privatization and improve health and safety laws.

We win when we talk with people about what really matters to them.

In the next 30 days, I want to share my passion and plans with you — why I want to be the next NDP Member of Parliament for Parkdale-High Park. And I want to hear what really matters to you.
Trudeau keeps Canadians’ urgent needs on hold

People have urgent needs. But for three years, Justin Trudeau kept people waiting, playing the games Liberals play.

What mattered was selling Trudeau’s popularity. You and I just weren’t cool enough to be in his club. People’s urgent issues had to wait.

But really, Trudeau kept people’s urgent needs on hold because he was taking calls from Big Pharma, SNC-Lavalin and Big Oil and Gas. He didn’t make them wait. Not for corporate tax cuts. Or pipeline purchases. Or drug price hikes.

He made people wait in insecure housing. Or unaffordable childcare. With schools in disrepair. And transit that’s too slow. Paying out-of-pocket health care costs. Or worried about a climate crisis.

I’ve never waited to act on the issues that matter to people. I never waited to fight against privatization. Or to fight for better workplace safety laws. Or get on the doorsteps for our local NDP candidates. I’ve never waited to speak up as a columnist and commentator.

And I can’t wait to push the cool club out of office — and replace it with a government focused on what matters to people, starting here in Parkdale-High Park.

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