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Fundamental change — and a green new deal

Happy mothers’ day!

For many years it’s been a hard day for me — my mom died way too young from cancer. She was an incredible and independent woman — and a trailblazer for other women. She was the only woman in her medical class. In the 1970s she worked at the Bay Centre for Birth Control.

I think about her and miss my mom everyday. She made a big imprint on my values and life ambitions. She was a big force for me and my two sisters.

Now mothers’ day is about my wife — the mother of our three daughters. I love all four. I’m proud to be husband to one. And dad to the three others.

To all moms — happy mothers’ day! And for all of us, it’s a day to reflect on what we owe generations before — and what we owe the generations to come.


My wife, daughters and me, last summer.



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