Tom Parkin for Parkdale-High Park

Fundamental change — and a green new deal

If the SNC-Lavalin scandal proved one thing, it’s that corporate lobbyists seeking special deals get a warm reception in Trudeau Ottawa. SNC lobbied to get their own legislation creating an alternative to a trial. They lobbied to get the penalties dropped. They even lobbied to have the Prime Minister and the Clerk of the Privy Council pressure the Attorney-General to cancel their trial.


NAC shifted power to women

But shutting down the power of lobbyists isn’t enough. We need to shift power closer to the people — to communities, movements and workers.

Canadians need fundamental change — and a green new deal. That’s why I’m want to be your Parkdale-High Park NDP candidate. Read more at

Formed in the 1970s as a coalition of grassroots feminist organizations, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women was part of an important fundamental power shift — one we can learn from.

NAC has been led by many strong leaders with various political leanings, including important left-wing voices. NAC made a big impact in changing laws and rights for Canadian women. Whether it was violence against women, equal pay issues or reproductive choice, NAC didn’t just talk about it in Ottawa, they mobilized on it across the country — that’s what movements do.

In the early 1990s, NAC was receiving $13 million a year in base funding to continue their activist work. But in 1993, Conservative PM Brian Mulroney cut their funding by $3 million, causing layoffs and turmoil. In 1998, Liberal PM Jean Chretien eliminated all base funding.

NAC fundamentally shifted power — and it’s the kind of power shift we need more than ever. Ottawa gives away billions in corporate subsides. Instead let’s invest in grassroots organizations — of feminists, or activists for the environment or against racism and poverty. Strengthening movements is part of a fundamental change to power.

More information about National Action Committee on the Status of Women

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