With Wernick and McLellan, empty partisanship is the Liberal curse

Whatever liberalism is today, the Canadian Liberal Party is now not that. It’s Team Trudeau, a political venture based on the personality of a leader who holds no particular fixed ideas except for the virtue of centrism, which is a self-serving political strategy, not a political philosophy that benefits the people.

Team Trudeau has no purpose other than the partisanship of winning. And while partisanship is an essential ingredient of politics, unless balanced with integrity and purpose, is often one that invokes the gag reflex. Left as a sole ingredient, it turns everything rancid.

That malodourous mix was amply displayed in the testimony of Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick. When he should have been defending the integrity of the public service and acting as Canadians’ top public servant, it seems his allegiance was to SNC-Lavalin and the Prime Minister.

Even after former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould personally told Wernick she had done her due diligence and firmly decided to not override the decision of the director of public prosecutions to go to trial, he told SNC-Lavalin executives they were entitled to a deferred prosecution — and clearly he was exactly the man who was going to get it for them.

Now Wernick is gone — though on his own terms, rather than being fired, which is what he deserved.

Wernick’s resignation raises more questions — and Canadians deserve an independent public inquiry that will get to the truth. Instead, today the Trudeau Liberal government served up another stupid double scoop of more partisanship, appointing former Liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan to look into the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Specifically, McLellan has been asked to consider whether the Minister of Justice and the Attorney-General should be separate positions. And this is important because it seems the Trudeau government wants us to believe the structure of government caused him to transgress the long-established Shawcross doctrine, a part of our constitution which sets out the relationships between politicians and prosecutions. And, of course, it is important because the Trudeau Liberal government does not accept that the source of the problem lies in its own naked partisanship.

McLellan was the Justice Minister under the last big Liberal scandal, the sponsorship scandal. She served as Deputy Prime Minister to Paul Martin in the good old days when SNC-Lavalin was giving illegal donations to the Liberal Party and the prime minister was lobbying the Ghadaffi government to give contracts to SNC-Lavalin. And she’s still an active partisan, advertised as the main speaker at a Liberal fundraiser later this month.

Whatever recommendations come from McLellan’s report will be the recommendations the Trudeau government wants. Liberals investigating Liberals is not an investigation.

Wernick, McLellan — we’ve had enough of Liberal partisanship and cover-up, it’s time for the truth. Today the fourth person resigned because of the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Restoring the trust of Canadians won’t be done by appointing another Liberal partisan advisor — we need a public inquiry.





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