Liberal MPs covering up the SNC-Lavalin cover-up a disgraceful act against Canadians

Five Liberal MPs have signed a disgraceful joint letter that shows their priority is protecting Liberal staffers and corporate insiders, not representing Canadians.

And of course there’s a good chance the letter was written by one of the PMO staff named by Jody Wilson-Raybould for attempting to cancel the corruption trial of SNC-Lavalin. Perhaps someone who broke rules — maybe laws — and deserves to be fired, not protected. Certainly not empowered to write letters for MPs to sign.

The letter, sent to Justice Committee chair Anthony Housefather, says the Liberal MPs will block any opposition motion attempting to gather more testimony about the campaign from the PM, PMO and PCO to pressure the former Attorney-General to override the director of public prosecutions and stop the corruption trial of SNC-Lavalin.

With their letter, the five Liberal MPs — and whoever is co-ordinating them — are moving to cover up their cover-up. SNC-Lavalin paid millions in bribes in Libya — particularly to a son of Muammar Ghaddafi — while building jails for the violent regime. Cancelling the trial would cover-up the names of those who knew and participated in the corruption and helped empower violent men.

Now the five Liberal MPs on the Justice Committee, by shutting down testimony, is covering up evidence of any political interference by Trudeau government officials who, by shutting down the trial, were trying to cover-up the corrupt acts of SNC-Lavalin executives.

This entire SNC-Lavalin scandal reads like a true crime novel with the most important pages torn out. From the pages the Liberals have left for us to read, we know something very wrong has happened. But we don’t know who orchestrated the plan. We haven’t heard from the Trudeau staff against whom serious allegations have been made. We don’t know anything from Wilson-Raybould about what happened after January 14. And it seems that’s just the way these five members of “Team Trudeau” want it.

To add insult, they now tell Canadians that reading the page-depleted book proves there were no crimes.

The past three years of Trudeau government have been intensely disappointing. The electoral reform promised was tossed aside once they won their 39% false majority. The promised middle class tax cut turned out to give the maximum benefit to people with $200,000 incomes. Their infrastructure promise morphed into an infrastructure privatization plan. Numerous promises were broken to Indigenous people. Provincial health care transfers are being cut. Trudeau adopted Harper’s carbon targets — and not only is far off projections to hit them, we are further away now than a year ago.

It should be completely clear now that this Trudeau Liberal government promise of “real change” was a political hoax, ensnaring many decent people — no doubt including Liberal candidates — whose only error was believing Justin Trudeau wasn’t the bald-faced liar we see he is today.

Trudeau, Butts and the other amoral centrists who created the “Team Trudeau” brand represent the worst sort of politics — empty, cynical, self-serving, smarmy, phony, duplicitous, disingenuous and maybe law-breaking.

No doubt the Trudeau PMO selected the five MPs for the Justice Committee exactly because they knew that, faced with a choice between serving the Liberal partisan cause or the people of Canada, these five could be relied on to go against Canadians.

As we have seen in recent days, there are a few Liberal MPs who do not hold confidence in this Prime Minister. But the majority say nothing while their amoral leader directs them. And given where he has led then, any Liberal MP who continues to hold confidence in Trudeau is part of the moral decay of the politics of our country.

That Canadians are ruled by these sort of people is not just a national tragedy, it’s a national insult. Of course Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, ally of the alt-right, is no alternative. So NDP leader Jagmeet Singh needs to get his game on — urgently — because Canadians deserve a lot better than a choice between wicked and worse in the election that is now only seven months away.




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