Government from the backrooms for unnamed special interests?

Doug Ford is off to a bad start if he wants us to believe his “For The People” act.

EKOS president Frank Graves recently posted his findings that — despite 40 per cent of Ontarians marking a ballot for Doug Ford’s Conservative candidate — only 31 per cent of Ontarians were satisfied with the outcome of the election. Far from a honeymoon, it seems like buyers’ remorse. Perhaps voters should have stuck with Horwath instead of being scared away in the last week or so.

It seems a lot clearer now why the Ford PCs were in such a rush to swear-in the government that they decided to do it on the Friday before a long weekend. From a communications perspective, it left people scratching their heads. But we can see now that the Ford PCs were anxious to get into power before July 1 so they could kill regulations and legislation scheduled to come into force on Sunday.

Over the weekend the Ford PCs made several moves they never discussed during the election last month — and they appear to be the exact same type of backroom special interest politics that people though they just crushed back to unofficial party status.

This morning we learned the Conservatives are cancelling a regulation to cap scalped ticket prices and end the use of scalper-bots that scoop up concert tickets. We previously learned his government revoked the proclamation of legislation that would have make enhanced police accountability. And he also cancelled a regulation under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act that was to come into force on the weekend that would have, among other things, addressed vaping in child care areas.

Exactly who was offended by these protections and who Ford et al consulted with prior to cancelling them is unknown. This appears to be a government determined to govern from the backrooms.

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